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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you guys independent of repairs?

Our report gives our clients a unbiased view of the main sewer lines condition. If repair is needed we will make recommendation to call a plumber for further investigation/repair. For your benefit, we are 100% independent and never submit bids for repair work.

Will you clear a block?

Yes! We will cable the line and attempt a new video scope of the line using state of the art optic technology. Unlike our competition, we do not charge a second fee to video scope the main lateral line on top of the cabling fee once the blockage has been cleared. Typically we clear lines in an hour or less.

What does a sewer video scope cost?

$159 – We accept cash, check or CC on site.

Why should I Inspect the Sewer Line?

Repairs to a lateral drain line can be in the thousands. The only way to see if a sewer pipe is compromised is by sticking a camera into it from the home to the city main and back. Once you close on the home, the sewer line is yours to own. We highly recommend scoping before you buy so you have the opportunity to possibly negotiate the repair work with the seller.

Sewer Check LLC is a sewer drain line camera inspection company owned and operated by a professional building inspector with years of residential inspection experience inside the greater St. Louis and surrounding market.

We proudly serve St. Charles County, St. Louis City, St. Louis County and Jefferson County.

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